Connecting with the most authentic version of you

Authenticity Coaching

Who are you without your career?

At some point during their professional life many people arrive at a sort of turning point:

Burnout, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases and other somatic symptoms are the most drastic signs that something needs to change.

Others arrive at this point not driven by pain but by curiosity. They start to look for something more in their life than “just another promotion” or the next milestone on their LinkedIn profile. 

And so first, there is the obvious solution: Finding a job with “purpose”. This new holy grail among the professional elite not only appears to be the natural next step but it also feels just around the corner. 

But in most cases … it isn’t. And eventually the feeling of being stuck returns. 

Some people have the courage and the ambition to move beyond this stage:

To not only fix symptoms but to use them as a starting point to venture into the most personal, challenging and amazing development journey life offers.

Those who do start to explore what lies beneath the story they’ve told themselves. Or, in different words: To move from identifying with your persona (the role we play) to experiencing your Self and opening the capacity for true authenticity.

My hypothesis is: Almost no one can master this journey completely on their own.

Although … you have probably already tried, haven’t you? 

You probably know a lot about the psyche. You understand the dynamics that connect your memory and past experiences with your world today. And you have tried to work your way out of this. Books, podcasts, articles, yoga and meditation classes, maybe even some “master your life” coaching programs and the seemingly inevitable “startup idea” are the go-to-methods of many people I speak with. 

But somehow it just doesn’t seem to click.

"Some time ago, I realised I wasn’t happy anymore - I wasn’t having fun at work, and I sensed a deep urge to press the reset button and change it all. I felt like I had lost myself. I needed to re-center and explore what I really wanted to do with my life. Starting this journey was already quite hard, but navigating the process that followed actually turned out to be the tougher part for me! - Part 1 / 3"

Gaia Silvestri

Are you searching for a solution or your self?

For whom my work is relevant

Most coaching programs focus on helping you to become more functional – in your job, your relationship, and your life in general. And while this is a very important task, it is not what my coaching is all about. 

My focus is authenticity. 

People that I work with are eager to fully own themselves. This means we will not only work on the story that you tell yourself and others about who you are. We will explore what else is sleeping inside of you by focusing on the parts of your identity that you have consciously or unconsciously decided to exclude from this story. 

This work is not comfortable. It takes time and commitment. It will not help you to self-optimise or increase your performance. Neither is it a therapy nor does it heal psychological disorders. 

As you can see, I am not trying to sell this to you. 

Not because I don’t want to work with you. But because I want to work with people that are truly ready and keen to embark on a journey into themselves. To explore who they are and become the most mature, confident and authentic version of themselves – even if this means venturing into the uncharted territory of their personality.

Traveling into the unknown

What our work would look like

Every expedition into the unknown is different and almost unpredictable. The journey into your self is no exception.

My approach is a combination of conversations, somatic work, active imagination and explorations with the help of a Second-Self, customised dynamically with you as every person is different and growth happens in different ways.

By exploring and uncovering your blind spots and developing the capacity to face and integrate them, new opportunities will emerge. I don’t know, care or judge what you do with this new energy – invent the “next big thing”, progress in your career, start a family, quit your job or change nothing at all.

What I care about is to meet and connect with the most authentic version of you.

I don’t have all the answers. And I also don’t know what waits for you along the way. What I can offer you is to make sure:

  • you are equipped with all the necessary competencies,
  • you are not alone, and
  • you don’t cheat.

"After roughly a year being on this exploration journey on my own, I realised how unauthentic patterns and influences were clouding my progress. I felt stuck and I knew I shouldn’t do this alone anymore! So I decided to start coaching with Tina. Trust me - I really wish I started working with her right from the start! The energy suddenly and effortlessly changed for the best. I've felt that I made more progress with her in just a few months than during a full year on my own. Thanks to her help I finally feel true momentum and I’m very optimistic right now. - Part 2 / 3"

Gaia Silvestri


Being able to take a step back and observe your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviour in each situation is one of the most crucial skills to develop and mature on this path. It will help you master even challenging situations and find new opportunities in almost everything that you encounter.
An increased level of sensitivity and awareness helps us to collect more information but it also gives us a chance to change our focus consciously towards topics and behaviour that might otherwise disappear into our unconscious.

In my opinion, being able to cope with uncertainty and ambiguity is one of the most important skills in the 21. century. In our process it will be necessary to move towards topics and experiences that are new for you, that you cannot control and that might be difficult to align with what you have believed about yourself so far.

We are all operating based on beliefs. To some extend this is inevitable because it reduces complexity and allows us to react and decide fast. But not all of these beliefs work in our favour. Most of them we haven’t even acquired consciously. When we are not able to identify these beliefs, deconstruct and challenge them, we will always be limited to the boundaries they define.


I cannot force you to know yourself. I cannot develop you. And I cannot tell you who you are. Exploring your blind spots and your self is probably the most intimate and personal experience you will ever have.

But it might also be one of the most challenging ones. And in my experience, it’s important not to be left alone with it. 

What I can offer you is to be there with you. To help you build the competencies you need, to act as a mirror where needed, to provide a safe space to unload what you don’t want to admit. And to make sure someone sees you when you feel like you got lost along the way.


However, I’m also there to make sure you don’t take the easy way out.

Our blind spots are there for a reason and while it’s important to respect this function of our psyche, it’s equally important to challenge how much ownership we can have over them. Because our mind is a powerful tool and unfortunately, the more intelligent we become the more sophisticated our mechanisms for avoidance and resistance get as well.

We’ll therefore work in exploration cycles and with every iteration move a bit deeper. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you can do this by yourself. Sometimes I need to push a bit. And sometimes it will be too much and you just can’t take the next step. I will try to help you see that all of this is part of the game. The beauty of it is that this game has no end but only infinite opportunities and variations.

"Tina has been on this journey herself, so her guidance is very real and practical. Her support is totally unbiased, which is extremely important when you're looking to find out how to express your true self. She guided me in a way that friends and family could not. All in all, having sessions with Tina has been giving me the courage and the tools to stay on the right path to self discovery, through my many ups and downs. She has helped me prioritise and work on the right things at the right time. I’m extremely grateful for her help and I’d strongly recommend her to anyone embarking on a similar journey. - Part 3 / 3"

Gaia Silvestri

Embarking on an adventure

How to get started

If you have made it this far on this page, your attention span is longer than average and you seem to be really interested in what I’m talking about. That’s a great first step. Let’s take the next one and talk personally about how your journey could look like: