I explore if there is more to you than meets the eye

Blind spot analysis for individuals and organisations

Stuck or searching desperately for an undefinable purpose?

We all tell ourselves a unique story about who we are. Parts of this story have been written by others, some derive from our own experiences and many are expressions of our values and beliefs. Combined, a coherent story emerges that allows us to make sense of the world and our place within it.

But this story is not even half of what we are made of: One of the most influential descriptors of who we are is what we hide from our own sight. These blind spots are the blanks in our story and they form a narrative of their own.

When we are stuck, going through the same loop over and over again, and when nothing feels like it’s moving forward in our personal or professional life, our teams or organisations – there is usually a blind spot at work. 

Exploring these blind spots is a challenging and not necessarily pleasant task but behind ‚the story we tell ourselves‘ sleep potential and opportunities greater than we can imagine.

Do you know what you are searching for?

Who I am working with

I work with people that are eager to explore what else is sleeping inside of them – either in a private or professional context.

This means, leaders and teams I work with usually struggle to identify why change is so difficult in their organisation (and often arrive at the conclusion that all it takes is a more „[enter buzzword here] attitude”).

Similarly, my private clients are intelligent and ambitious individuals looking for something “more“ in their life, trying to get out of their head and increase their level of clarity in order to move towards more authentic self-expression.

"I have grown personally and professionally through Tina's authentic and professional guidance. I can recommend her to everyone who feels like they want to go beyond the beaten paths. She will not be your usual but certainly an incredibly valuable companion in your life."

Amrei Andrasch

Developing authenticity

What I am doing

Most people tell you who they are within the first couple of minutes – consciously or unconsciously. 

I specialise in the analysis and exploration of blind spots, unconscious dynamics, and what the psychologist C.G. Jung called „the shadow”. I believe true development and change can only happen if we manage to expand our awareness and learn to face the topics that we have hidden from our own sight so masterfully. Once we’ve developed the strength to see ourselves and the reality around us clearly authenticity, freedom, and opportunity are the natural results.

In most cases, I work 1:1 with my clients who are private individuals or corporate leaders. My approach is a combination of talk and body work, customised dynamically with you as every person is different and growth happens in different ways.

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When consulting organisations, I analyse organisational structures, processes and leadership-patterns to identify their explicit and implicit values that are the foundation for every cultural evolution.

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The Erebus Project is a new and more experimental format I am currently developing with my team. In this context, we work with people with an advanced capacity for self-reflection and a strong drive to grow. Our clients want to actively explore new behaviours, values, memories and dynamics and experiment with who they are by letting go of the “role“ they play every day. 

To achieve this we create unique and immersive experiences for our clients specifically designed to help them discover the uncharted territory of their personality

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"I've started working with Tina over a year ago. The work with her moved parts that I had never dared to touch. The impact of it unfolded unforeseen and with unknown power. And in hindsight I can now say: It all led to this. But at the beginning, I had no idea this would even be possible. Today, I feel a wild hunger to dive into experiences of which I have never thought that they could make me feel so complete. And I know now that this is only the beginning."

Sara Lindemann

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