Uncovering the shadow dynamics and blind spots that restrict organisational growth

Blind Spot Analysis

Why is your organisation not fixing itself?

Barriers for change

Change is normal – not hard. We are adapting to our environment from the day we are born. What makes it feel so difficult are the barriers we build for various conscious and unconscious reasons to prohibit this change.

Healthy organisations (like people) are adaptable and have a huge system-immanent capacity to grow and “fix” themselves when needed. However, when this capacity is locked, organisations often spend a tremendous amount of energy and money without moving forward. The result: Change management fails, innovation stagnates, employee satisfaction and performance decreases, and culture feels stuck in old patterns.

In situations like these, leaders might struggle to identify why change seems so difficult in their organisation. As a result, they invest in new strategic goals, create ambitious cultural targets and – unfortunately – often arrive at the conclusion that it “just takes a more [enter buzzword here] attitude” from their employees.

And so, where change and adaptation should be a natural element of a company’s evolution, resistance and change fatigue spread among employees.

For leaders ready to embrace uncertainty

How and with whom I work

I work with leaders of organisations as well as teams to uncover the shadow dynamics and blind spots that lock the capacity and energy inherent to their system.

By identifying and acknowledging the “full personality” – including the blind spots – of an organisation and its leaders, new opportunities appear, the organisation can mature and begin to create change from within.

This process is neither difficult nor expensive or lengthy. But it takes courage from leaders, as well as a high capacity to endure uncertainty. To support leaders and leadership teams on this journey, I work with them in various coaching formats. In parallel, I analyse organisational structures and processes to identify the explicit and implicit values of the organisation. Further, I conduct interviews with employees and relevant stakeholders to round up my understanding of the “psyche” of the organisation.

My work is based on my experience and expertise around system & behavioural design, psychology, group and power dynamics.

For leaders ready to embrace uncertainty

Ready to take a closer look at your organisation?

The first step

In case you are wondering now if shadow dynamics and blind spots are keeping your organisation from moving forward, feel free to contact me. In a free first call, we can explore together if my approach and you organisation are a good fit.