A personal development program for senior executives

Extraordinary drive and operational excellence have brought you to this point in your career.
Personal sovereignty and effortless power will take you further.


A personal development program for senior executives

Extraordinary drive and operational excellence have brought you to this point in your career.
Personal gravitas and effortless power will take you further.

More than a leadership training.

This comprehensive personal growth programme for senior executives is designed to be a catalyst for both personal growth and professional transformation.

Over the course of 6 months, led by an experienced executive coach, it offers a small, curated group of leaders the opportunity to reflect:

  • on the beliefs, unconscious dynamics and actions that have built their success to date, and

  • how to expand their personal gravitas and calm in order to increase their impact and power without having to run at high speed until retirement.

1:1 Coaching

In 15 hours of coaching you will develop a meta-perspective on the story you tell yourself about who you are and how the world works.

With your coach's close guidance, you'll be able to identify where you're gaining and losing energy, what might be draining for you in your professional relationships, and how to let go and develop more freedom and clarity.

Group Coaching

Some experiences are only possible through connection. But not every group allows us to be ourselves. So the group you'll work with is curated to be inspiring, challenging and “familiar” to provide a safe enough space for you.

You'll meet the group in person in the second half of your programme for a two-day retreat close to Berlin and then for monthly facilitated peer coaching calls.


The programme is a very personal and intense process that requires a high degree of self-responsibility, courage and curiosity. It is also designed to be an equal part individual and group experience.

As a result, we are not able to accept every application for each cohort, but rather curate participants based on their suitability for the programme and the group they will meet.


We will work through five themes in three cycles. Each iteration will add a new layer to your insight and capacity in this area, ensuring that by the end of the programme you’ll not only have learned something new about yourself, but will have experienced new qualities that are present and impactful in your professional life:






Cycle One 

  • Five two-hour personal coaching sessions (online)
  • Focus: Individual exploration & awareness development 


Cycle Two

  • 2-day group retreat (in person)
  • Focus: Group dynamics & shared experiences


Cycle Three

  • Five one-hour personal coaching sessions (online)
  • Monthly facilitated peer-to-peer coaching sessions (online)
  • Focus: Integration & application

Price : 7.500 EUR (+ VAT)

Next start date: September 2023


The programme provides the context and guidance for you to

_ Expand your personal sovereignty and calm to increase the impact of your leadership without having to run on high-speed until retirement

_ Gain a new perspective on your professional relationships to reduce the effort required to increase your influence

_ Develop a greater awareness of the conscious and unconscious patterns that determine the course (and limits) of your professional and personal life.

Interested in finding out more and applying for the programme?


The programme starts in September 2023. The first cycle consists of five 2-hour personal coaching sessions. These sessions will be held online via Zoom and you will be able to choose the dates that suit your schedule, as long as all five sessions have taken place by the end of October 2023. The second cycle is a 2-day group retreat to be held near Berlin, Germany on 3-4 November 2023. The third cycle consists of five one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions and four monthly group calls. The dates for the 1:1 coaching sessions can again be chosen to suit your schedule. The group calls will be scheduled until the end of October.

The focus of this programme is personal development with an emphasis on your professional role and leadership approach. This means that, unlike a leadership training programme, we will not be ‚training‘ you in leadership methods or strategies. This coaching programme is designed to grow you as a person and thereby develop your ability to lead – not the other way around.

If you are interested in the programme, you can book an introductory call with Tina, your Executive Coach, here. In this free 60 minute call you can ask all your questions and get to know Tina. She will also ask you a few questions to understand your intentions and background. Afterwards you can decide if you want to proceed and apply for a place in the next cohort. Depending on the composition of the group, your application will either be confirmed or you’ll be invited to join the next cohort, which may be a better match for your profile.

The 1:1 coaching can be conducted in English or German, depending on your preference. The group session will be in English or German depending on the composition of the group. If you have a strong preference for the group session, please let us know in advance.

Working with a coach, therapist or mentor usually means that you already have a solid practice of self-reflection, which is a great foundation for this programme. However, we expect the focus and approach of this programme to be different from the work you’re used to doing with your coach, so it should not be a contradiction but rather a great addition. In the introductory call Tina will discuss your previous experience with you in case you have any further questions.


Tina Egolf will be your Executive Coach in this programme. Tina works primarily with senior executives and leaders.

Many of her clients begin their journey with her on the basis of a referral. Within the first conversation they usually realise how rare and valuable a setting is that allows them to uncover what lies beneath their day-to-day challenges and grow personally by facing the emotional and psychological dynamics their positions present.

What might start with a concrete challenge or an upcoming change usually evolves into a process that creates a richer perspective on leadership, a deeper connection to themselves and a more effortless relationship with their own power.

With a truly personal and non-dogmatic approach to personal growth, Tina offers a unique perspective and a challenging yet powerful approach to leadership / personal development.

Her clients* work in senior executive positions for companies such as

Deutsche Bank, Signal Iduna, Deutsche Telekom, Audi, LBBW, N26, Carlsen Publishing, The School of Life, Delivery Hero

*Please feel free to enquire who can be contacted for a personal recommendation