Personal Development is the dialogue between your personality and your Self

Personal development is one of these terms that says everything and nothing. Is it an updated version of “self-optimization” or a more socially acceptable term for therapy? Is it relevant in a business context? Or do I need to fetch my yoga pants?

For me, personal development means learning a “language” that allows your conscious parts to talk to your unconscious parts. Or to phrase it differently: Initiating a dialogue between your Personality and your Self.

And this is relevant in every context – no matter if it’s a business meeting or a conversation with your partner. Because even though we like to believe that we (the part that’s consciously reading this text right now) are always in the driver’s seat – especially in business – the truth is, our subconscious parts are sitting right there with us.

And if we don’t find a way to negotiate with them, guess who takes over control … 😉

Sounds familiar?

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