"I love my job, but ..."

Executive coaching for challenging times

You have come a long way in your career thanks to your drive, intelligence, and motivation. But when curiosity becomes overwhelming and passion becomes stress, it's time to take a closer look.


At some point in their careers, many people reach a kind of tipping point:
Nagging exhaustion, back pain, burnout, anxiety, and other somatic symptoms are the most obvious signs that a change is needed.

But the signs are often more subtle at first: Frustration becomes a constant companion, and complaining at home about colleagues or the organization is suddenly part of the after-work routine. New projects or change initiatives no longer seem like exciting challenges, but almost immediately create a vague sense of anticipated stress and excessive demands. Leadership no longer means developing others, but rather withstanding the pressure and somehow getting your team to meet ill-defined requirements and implicit expectations.

And sometimes everything seems fine, if it weren't for that nagging feeling that something is missing: "I like working ... a lot ... But more and more, I find myself wondering if I wouldn't rather have a more meaningful job.

In all these cases, the solution seems obvious: "If only this or that were different / If only I took more time for it / If only I found a job that ...". We know all the right answers and just need to put them into practice. But it's not that easy, is it?

And suddenly it feels like we're stuck and going around in circles. Because as hard as this lesson may sometimes be, knowledge does not equal change.

If you have the courage to take a closer look and see the situation as an opportunity for change, you will not only gain professional confidence, but also freedom, ease, and authenticity - far beyond your job.

Unconscious dynamics at work

My approach

We all tell ourselves a very unique story about who we are in our professional roles, the causes of our problems, and the sources of our success.

Parts of this story are written by the organizations we work for, some are based on our experiences, and others are expressions of learned beliefs and values. Together, they form a coherent story that enables us to understand our environment and our place in it.

But this story is only half the truth: when we find ourselves stuck in the same places, when stress takes over and nothing feels like success or progress, there is often a complex web of unconscious dynamics (or blind spots) at work within us that we would like to erase from our story...unfortunately without success.

Becoming aware of these dynamics and learning how to deal with them is the focus of my work and - in my opinion - the most sustainable way to break out of the eternal cycle of treating symptoms and "quick fixes".

My clients

My clients are successful in their professions or in the midst of building their careers when they feel that the work that is so central to their lives is becoming increasingly stressful in some areas.

Intelligent, mit Gestaltungswillen und Ehrgeiz sind viele als Führungskräfte tätig und übernehmen Verantwortung für große und komplexe Aufgabenfelder, einige leiten als Vorstände oder Geschäftsführer Konzerne und Großunternehmen. Sie brauchen keine „weitere Runde“ klassischer Managementschulungen, und ein traditioneller, fallbasierter Coaching-Ansatz entspricht nicht mehr ihren Bedürfnissen.

However, most of them recognize from the first conversation how rare and valuable an environment is that allows them to uncover the underlying reasons for their daily challenges and to grow personally by confronting the emotional and psychological dynamics that their position entails.

And what may begin as a specific challenge or upcoming change eventually evolves into a process that ends with a broader perspective on leadership, a deeper connection to oneself, and a more relaxed approach to one's position.

My clients work for organizations such as

Deutsche Bank, Signal Iduna, Deutsche Telekom, HelloFresh, Universität Innsbruck, Audi, LBBW, N26, Carlsen, The School of Life, Delivery Hero

I am happy to provide personal references on request.

Curious to learn more?


What are the benefits of coaching compared to executive development programs in my organization?

The development of a relaxed way of dealing with uncertainty, pressure and conflict is a key gap in the leadership and people programs of many companies. My goal is to close this gap.

Working individually with a good coach, existing patterns and unconscious dynamics can be identified and resolved. At the same time, this process builds resources that cannot be developed through traditional training, books, or self-reflection.

Many people are cognitively aware of their problems for a long time before they are able to bring about change. Accelerating this process, or making it possible at all, requires more individualized support and guidance than most corporate offerings can provide.

Working with a coach can be helpful if you are seeking clarity, growth or change in your personal or professional life. 

Ideally, you should check for yourself beforehand whether you are really ready to engage in a process of self-awareness and self-development. In my experience, this step is much more important than bringing concrete situations or clearly defined problems to the coaching session.

However, the decision to work with a coach is ultimately a very personal one and also depends to a large extent on whether you "click" with me - your coach.

Accordingly, I would suggest that you simply arrange a short intro call and then decide if you would like to try working with me. 

Yes, I also coach leadership teams. In addition, I also work with "regular" teams in certain cases if you need support with a particular dynamic or conflict that has developed within the team. 

However, I am not a trainer or facilitator, i.e. I do not train methods or skills and I do not facilitate content workshops, e.g. on strategy development.  

I work with most of my clients online via Zoom. If you are in Berlin, we can also meet in person at my office for our coaching sessions.  

For work with teams, I am also happy to travel to your company location depending on the scope of the coaching. 

We can provide coaching in both German and English.

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