Effortlessly powerful

A personalized development program for your top executives

"One size doesn't fit all" when it comes to the next generation of your senior management.

A new approach is needed to provide customized support for the leaders you depend on. This holistic leadership development program serves as a space for personal growth and professional development. Over a 6-month period, it provides a small, select group of leaders with the context and opportunity to reflect on

  • which beliefs, unconscious dynamics and actions have helped or hindered their success so far and
  • how they can develop their sovereignty and balance to increase their impact in the organization without running the risk of burning out.
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Tailored and implemented with the leaders who are essential to your company.

In most organizations, there is a small group of top executives who, because of their leadership and influence in the organization, are either considered potential candidates for executive positions or are otherwise of strategic importance to the organization. These leaders are often in a unique position that requires tailored support.

Traditional leadership training, often designed for large groups of participants, cannot adequately address the individual development needs of these key individuals. The uniqueness of their challenges and the specific goals of the organization require a targeted and personalized development strategy.

To fill this gap, I have developed a customized program that includes both individual and group coaching. This offering is specifically tailored to the needs of this exclusive group of executives, as well as the direction and requirements of the organization.

More than another leadership program

1:1 Coaching

In 15 coaching sessions, participants develop a meta-perspective on the "story" they tell themselves about who they are in their role, the building blocks of their success, and their areas for growth.

This meta-perspective provides the basis for becoming aware of gaps or potentials in one's own self-image and thus overcoming developmental hurdles such as overestimating oneself, imposter syndrome or excessive standards.

Group Coaching

Some experiences are only possible in a group. But not every group allows us to be ourselves. Therefore, the group that participants will work with is carefully selected in advance and limited in size to provide a safe space.

In the second half of your program, the group will meet in person for a two-day retreat near Berlin, Germany, and then for monthly peer coaching sessions.


We will work on five topics in three cycles. Each cycle will expand the participants' knowledge and skills in this area, so that by the end of the program they will not only have a more differentiated awareness of their own leadership style, but will also be able to hold and handle a higher level of stress and complexity in the individual topics:

Cycle One
+ Five two-hour individual coaching sessions (online)*
+ Focus: broadening the individual perspective

Cycle Two
+ Zwei-tägige Gruppenveranstaltung (in-person)
+ Two-day group event (in-person)

Cycle Three
+ Five one-hour individual coaching sessions (online)
+ Monthly accompanied peer-to-peer coaching sessions (online)
+ Focus: Integration & Application

*The exact scope of the individual and group sessions can be adjusted by arrangement.

Individual support for holistic growth


Individualized career development:

Such a program provides customized development plans tailored to each leader's unique strengths and challenges, specifically fostering their individual career development.

Increased leadership effectiveness:

By focusing on specific needs, the program can have a more profound impact than general training designed for large numbers of participants.

Holistic growth:

A deeper understanding of personal behaviors and psychological patterns paves the way for comprehensive personal and professional growth, activating previously undiscovered potential in program participants.

Psychological safety:

Leadership is not only challenging, but it can also be lonely without the right context to discuss the concerns and stressors that affect the person behind the role. To meet this need, I pay special attention to the composition of the group in addition to the individual work.

Why me?

Sustainable & in-depth approach

I bring a unique focus on raising awareness and transforming unconscious dynamics that are critical to developing advanced leadership styles and resolving conflict patterns - essential for true leadership growth.

Personal support

My clients benefit from close, personal support that is tailored to their specific needs, far removed from traditional, module-based agency or consultancy formats.

For experienced as well as young leaders

I strive for a clear, non-dogmatic, yet challenging approach to my work - a critical requirement for successfully supporting both seasoned and emerging leaders.

Curious to learn more?


How does this program differ from other leadership trainings?

The focus of this program is on participants' personal development, with an emphasis on their professional role and leadership approach. This means that, unlike leadership training, I do not "teach" participants leadership methods or strategies. This coaching program is designed to develop them as people and thereby improve their leadership skills - not the other way around.

We can provide coaching in both German and English.