Product Leader

“Value is all that matters. As organizations, teams and especially leaders we need to constantly ask ourselves: What value do we deliver?”



I am an experienced and passionate leader and expert around ‘all things product’. I support organizations to adopt a lean (product) development mindset which sets the foundation for true digital and organizational transformation.

In my role as a product consultant, I coach and advise teams and executives around all product development related areas: Product strategy development, MVP design, Setting up and leading x-functional agile teams, Product roadmap planning, Integrating user insights in product development processes, etc. 



The ‘Future of Work’ has fascinated me for many years: I have been part of the XING New Work Think Tank and acted as a judge for the related New Work Award. Over the last couple of years, I have spoken at various conferences and participated in panel discussions together with top-tier industry executives.

The core question that drives me is: Can we design business models and organizational structures that challenge the paradigms of our current economy and definition of work? In 2018, I decided it is time to shape the future rather than only talk about it: 

workmaker.labs is a laboratory for systemic entrepreneurship with the purpose to influence and redefine the fundamental parameters of ‘work’.

12min.me Event | October 2018


Product. Future of Work. Coffee.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. What impact do you want to have on the world and how can I help you with that?